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The virtual exhibitition of IWEC 2021 which will be held on 17-18 May 2021, will deal with real and practical issues focusing on the opportunities and challenges facing the industry In the current economic condition of Iran. By participating in the exhibition of this event in a country with potential and platform of progress, you can have a more effective presence at the conference and provide golden opportunities of cooperation and contracts for yourself.
It would be our pleasure to invite you to submit your company at the exhibition. The exhibition will be held under a virtual platform with variety of perspective profile:
Government and global decision makers.
Wind farms developers.
Manufacturers / distributors of components and equipment for the industry.
Specialized technical and financial services providers.
Research and development institutions and universities
Engineering and Consultant companies
Wind Energy associations and organizations
Universities and Research Institutes
Participation at this conference and exhibition will enhance your company in the following areas:
Introducing your company and getting a better brand positioning
Networking with individuals and companies in the industry
Strengthening your links with existing customer base
Launch your products and services
Penetrate the Iranian wind power market
Get ahead of your competition
For more information please contact us.
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  آدرس دبیرخانه: IWEC 2021 (7th) Office: Automation and AI Research Institute, Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Iran. IWEC Permanent Office: End of Shahid Dadman Blv., Shahrak Ghods, TEHRAN, IRAN   شماره تماس: 02332300205 - 02188083379     پست الکترونیکی: info@iranwec.com     نمابر: 02188083382  
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